Early plans


Trip to Nasu last week to look at apartments; cars and meet some of the team.  I found apartments I really liked online – only to discover they were with the wrong real estate agent ! ..
No matter, we are looking at what can be done…
Apparently my “budget” for a car doesn’t go close to a Mazda 3 !…  So from an RX8 to a Honda fit or something similarly awful!!  It will cost something extra to get an Impreza or something better.
Got a list of documents to Fedex to Japan for the Visa paperwork.
The timeline goes like this….

  • July – Visa
  • August – Sign up Apartment car/furniture (to be ready by October 20th)_
  • August – pack for Japan removals – ship before 16th (6-8 weeks delivery)
  • September sell car
  • September arrange apartment leasing
  • September pack for Perth removals
  • Pack for unaccompanied luggage – 2 weeks delivery
  • Sept 30th finish work
  • October 1 or 2nd  fly to Perth
  • October 16th fly to Japan
  • October 20th move into apartment
  • October Bank account
  • October Alien card registration
  • October – Multi entry visa
  • 1st November  =  all set up !!
Lets see how that goes as a plan 🙂

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