Otawara January 2012

All settled in now…   The apartment is completely furnished and apart for needing to get the oven instructions translated, all is going well.

My Apartment

View from the front of my place this week.  The snow on the ranges is increasing daily now………….

Guest Room

It cold here right now -5C tonight, but the radiator is working a treat as is the reverse cycle aircon as a back up if needed. I’ve got a snow jacket and pants and a decent pair of boots, add ear muffs, scarves & gloves and Im pretty sorted… 

The view from the balcony

 But its a shock after Christmas in Perth 38C !!

Kitchen Dining
My Bedroom

The joys of Otawara recycling.  In the middle is the calendar and instructions and around the edge are the 6 different bags I need to buy for the different types of rubbish…
I have a system that involves fridge magnets for different days of the week, but it does my head in on a regular basis!!

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