Soutome Onsen January 2012

Soutome Onsen (早乙女温泉 at Kitsurekawa is about 30 mins from the office.

The onsen is a milky color and smells of sulfur, apparently it is clear in the mornings…  I shall have to go back and see. My skin felt great afterwards.. 

After the Onsen we went to  “Café restaurant Kuragasaki”  in Kitsurekawa that is in the old police station…  

Very cool spot, its famous for its Asano Pork from Tochigi, specifically the Pork steak… Justifiably so as it turns out

Good food, nostalgic and retro environment and serving by staff wearing clothes from Taisho era (1910 – 1920) in an old police station –  fun night.

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