Drove to Nikko for a couple of days over the long weekend in March.  It was still pretty cold in Nasu and snow was forecast for the Nikko region.As it turned out the weather turned really bad on the drive up and we didn’t get to do much sight seeing.. Almost no visibility and raining on & off..  We drove up the Irohazaka Winding Road  more than 30 u bends as you climb 400m up the mountain.  At the famous Kegon falls we could hear the waterfall but not see it, good thing I had been before! Lake Chuzenji was surrounded in mist which cleared every now and then to give some amazing views.. 

 The Ryokan was in Yumoto Spa and by the time we checked in the weather was pretty foul..  An Onsen and some food required.The staff were really helpful, they had as much English as we had Japanese but we sorted it out.. dinner at 6pm, breakfast at 8am The rooms were spacious and warm and dinner pretty tasty, so all in all a good hotel, I’d definitely go back.  There was a pool & darts room downstairs that kept us busy with some other guests for a few hours… 
Drinking Shochu… and playing a never ending game of 501…

There is an inside bath and an outside bath..  which was surrounded by snow.
In the morning it began to snow…  So sitting in a bath (naked), outdoors, surrounded by snow, with snow falling on my head… Magic
The onsen is very milky, with a sulphur smell throughout the area.
 Next day we checked out (to a beautiful sunny day!) and walked around Yumoto Spa, the ski fields are next to the hotel and there is a temple onsen nearby (Closed because of the winter)..  
The Yunodaira marsh is nearby, this is the where most of the towns onsen water bubbles up through the ground..

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