Apparently 85% of the Japanese population own a bike and they all look pretty much like this!  Its a cultural icon in its own way…   
Standard purchase – Bike, basket, rack, lock, stand, bell, light. Upgrades include one or more child seats (hence the name).  
Anyway, great for whizzing round town, groceries, taking photos… just getting around really… The road rules here are a bit different to Australia..  Cycling on the pavement is OK, in fact i think encouraged… not sure; no helmets as far as I can tell:   no alcohol (same zero tolerance as cars)…  Other than that I haven’t seen any evidence of rules….  Cars seem to let you through, across, past whatever.. 
I was driving down my street in my car when I first arrived and a little old lady  on her bike came around the corner on my side of the road –  and just kept coming, I (in the car) had to move to the right to let her have the left side of the street.
Everyone just co-exists happily (slowly!)
 “mama” + “chari”  ( is slang for “bicycle,”)  thus “mamachari.”

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