Poppo Dori

While out walking I came across a bike/pedestrian trail track with lots of statues and odd artefacts along the way.  

Investigation turns up that it’s called Poppo-dori and is what is left of the old Toya Tetsudo (Toya railroad), which ran 24.4km from Nishinasuno to Nasu Ogawa, in the 1920-50’s and used to carry timber, rice, wheat, fertilizer, and agricultural crops to Nishinasuno for delivery to Tokyo.

It stretches for 4.2km near Otawara is pedestrian & bike trail – Along the way are statues and railway artefacts.  I have only followed a short part of it and already have loads of photos…   

Use Google Chrome with auto translate and it will all make sense ( unless you read Japanese and then it will make sense anyway)

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