Ashino onsen & Chojiya eel restaurant

Ashino Cherry blossom viewing and a subsequent visit to a 350 year old  Eel restaurant

The first visit to Ashino was to see the very famous Cherry Blossom at Iwakanon Temple.  The Shrine is lit at night and the lights and cherry blossom re reflected in the water in the rice field below, the effect is stunning…

After that we visited the Ashino Onsen…   This is a big onsen with many baths, including one containing “special” herbs..

The second time we visited was to go to the Onsen again, but also to visit a Eel restaurant,Chojiya  reputed to be over 350 years old..

The eel was beautiful, so was the restaurant and the owner could tell the history of the restaurant where in days of old the Samurai ate there, dining on eels from the river close by that were kept under the restaurant, alive until needed…(At least I think thats the story :-))

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