Daio-ji Temple

This temple is a Soto Zen temple that is more than 600 years old, it was established in 1404. 
The 7 thatched buildings are designated of cultural property by Tochigi Prefecture.  
Some parts from 1448 still exist despite numerous destructions and reconstructions
The temple is in Kurobane on the east side of the Naka River, it flows from  the volcanic Mt. Nasu to the Pacific Ocean in Ibaraki. It is also known for its tasty sweetfish, Ayu caught in the region by traditional trap methods

The temple has a library of over 4,500 volumes of the complete Buddhist scriptures. The Zen mediation hall is currently used by the sect and Zen training is provided…   There were people working in on of the Halls while I was there..

The gateway is set in a cedar grove and as you walk up the steps there is a series of stone statues expressing different “thoughts” “attitudes”  Im not sure which..   These 16 statues of expressive Rakans (achievers of Nirvana) were erected in 1994 to commemorate the 600th year anniversary of this temple The main hall is beyond the gate, the building on the left is for Zen meditation, and the building on the right is the priests’ living quarters. All three buildings are connected, with a cloister encircling a courtyard.

Thanks to Wikipedia for background

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