Shinnenkai 2013

This year we went to “Ooami Yumori Tanakaya” onsen for our “welcome the New Year “party or Shinnenkai..  
From the outside you would not give this place much of a second look, but you would be seriously wrong…  It’s often called Tanakaya onsen or Oomori onsen, I’ve been a few times and always think it’s a new place because of the name and then I get here and its this place. 🙂

The hotel is on one side of the road and 2 of the 3 onsens are on the other side of the road !

There are onsen inside the hotel one for the boys and one for the girls.  Then there is the Rotenburo (outdoor bath), across the road and some 300 steps down to the river..  This is one of my favorites, there is a women only and a mixed /boys onsen.  

Also, I found out this year there is a private onsen across the road and down a mere 20 steps, with 2 separate baths..  

The water is from a Calcium – sulfate spring and is good for everything from stroke to Gallstones.  Interestingly my ankle is always better for days after an onsen!!

The food is sensational, all seasonal and presented beautifully.. the hotel staff are lovely and very accommodating, despite a big group and a bit of revelry going on.

This is their website

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