The Hakuba valley is in Nagano prefecture, within the Japanese Alps.  The valley has a huge infrastructure for skiers and snowboarders with 10 different  ski resorts, over 200 runs, more than 130 lifts, all around the Hakuba village which is well stocked with bars, restaurants, ski /snowboard shops, and onsen..  What else could you ask for?

Hakuba Ski Jumping Stadium is located at the base of Happo-One Ski Resort. 
The stadium was used for the ski jumping events at the Nagano Winter Olympics in 1998.

Hakuba’s ski season runs from early December to late April each winter, receiving on average an around 11m of snowfall each winter. 

There is a huge range of accommodation options in Hakuba, we stayed at Morino lodge. We had our own small cottage, with room for all 7 of us plus cooking facilities and a lounge area, plus we could go to the main lodge anytime we wanted (like Pizza night!)

We started our 6 days in Hakuba getting our gear sorted, the lodge took us into the village and we all got kitted out. Most for skis but a couple of snowboarders too.. 

Once we had selected the gear we retired to the Recovery Bar in the Village to, well, recover!  There are loads of restaurants, from Mexican to Japanese, a pub and overall a really friendly, fun place, that wasn’t crazy expensive either..

There are buses that do the rounds of the hotels and the ski resorts, so we walked to the nearest stop each morning and hopped on.  
We mostly skied at Iimori, bought our lift passes for the day and that was where some of us met instructors and others just took off, meeting at the bottom at regular intervals.  
There was skiing/boarding for every skill level available and it was pretty easy to get around.
The skiing was amazing, I hadn’t skied since the early 70’s and I was really bad, but I loved every minute of it… Apart from the walk to the bus stop in the afternoon.  Luckily the Bus driver took pity on me and took me right to the lodge each day J

Every afternoon, I struggled back to the lodge, changed my shoes and went for an onsen, by the time the others returned I was back on deck.  Onsen and skiing – a great mix.

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