Seiji Fujishiro Gallery in Nasu

Seiji Fujishiro’s is a Kiri-e artist. Kiri-e is the Japanese art of cut-out art, fashioned after the principle of silhouettes. 

He uses three layers of paper behind glass and back lit. The works are displayed in a dark exhibit area that further enhances the effect. 

This technique doesn’t transfer well to printed matter or photographs so what you see here is far less impressive than the real thing.  But his website is better, or go to an exhibit when there is one near you.. 

The museum is dark, with the only light sources mostly coming from behind his art, making colorful silhouettes.  “Kiri-e” comes from the Japanese word  “kiru” which means cut. It’s popular in Japan, but only a few artists are known for it.

The medium is cut paper and other materials. Upon close inspection, one will find that the art is actually three dimensional; the paper is placed in three dimensions from behind the glass, giving the scenes a sense of distance that leaves some objects out of focus. 

He is over 89 years old and still working with some of his latest work coming from the pictures of Tsunami ravaged Fukushima region. Actually, he doesn’t provide pensioner discount to people younger than him, as he feels he is still young!

His Nasu Gallery/Museum is set in the most beautiful gardens, with nature all around.  Inside the museum  he has placed seating to capture these views perfectly.  He uses light and mirrors to create amazing works and spaces in his gallery.

The beauty of the illuminated artwork is lost completely as prints on paper, you have to go to an exhibition to truly appreciate it. If you ever get a chance to see his stuff, go do it, you won’t regret it..


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