Shibuya, Tokyo

Shibuya is one of the more well known “wards” of Tokyo…The Shibuya area is a lively area of Tokyo famous for shops,  Neon signs, stores like Shibuya 109, Tokyu hands and Loft    Many of the fashion and fun trends in Japan have their birthplace in Shibuya.
The main entry point into the area around is Shibuya station and there are  couple of famous things about this station.
First of all when you get outside  the Hachiko exit there is that statue of a dog called Hachiko.  According to the story, the dog, an Akita waited loyally every day for his master to come home from work and when his owner died, Hachiko still went to do so every day in vain, for more than 10 years..  Hachiko is the subject of a movie too.
The second thing is the scramble crossing, this famous intersection is at a particularly busy spot between the shops and the station!  When the lights turn green for the pedestrians, they turn green in all directions, so the mass of people built up while waiting swarm across the road from all directions.
Then the lights change and it starts all over again.
Shibuya is also famous for restaurants and food.
There are lots of “well known” restaurant chains in the area, but alongside those are many older style Izakaya, yakitori-ya and pubs..
Craft beer is alive and well in Japan and you can find places like Goodbeer Faucets in Shibuya.

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