Kokeshi Dolls

I recently saw a program (in Japanese unfortunately) about Japanese Kokeshi Dolls and despite not being a Doll person, I became fascinated with this traditional Doll.
In Kinugawa yesterday at a small local shop with a beautiful collection of Kokeshi Dolls and ended up buying one..
Kokeshi  are handmade wooden dolls, traditionally from Northern Japan.  They are armless and legless and a simple cylindrical design with a relatively large head. The bottom usually has the mark or signature of the artist.
Investigation reveals there are a couple of types… Traditional Kokeshi that are from a particular region and recognisable as such and Creative Kokeshi which allow creative freedom to do whatever..  Both are appealing to me.
This is a link to Useburo Kokeshi where she comes from
Update I now have a second one from Gunma prefecture

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