Namakemono – The "Lazy Baker"

Namakemono (no pan-ya) is an unusual bakery near my home that bakes amazing European style bread.
The name itself translates to the “Lazy Baker” but that’s not at all true as you can see.
I first discovered this place about 6 months after I arrived in Japan and whenever I’m here in Japan I make sure I have a supply. Usually getting 3 or 4 loaves and freezing some.
The actual bakery is really interesting and changes all the time, when I first went is was very basic and the walls along the front lined with books..
Over time the tables have been updated to some lovely woods and shelves around the edges are filled with wonderful wooden toys,  Bells and wind chime hang from the ceiling and the eclectic feel makes it a really unusual bakery.
My Japanese is still pretty bad –  all that travel, just makes it difficult to consistently use it and so remember it, so I cannot communicate so well with the baker, although I would like to, its such an interesting place..He opens around 4:30 pm Wednesday to Sunday and people are served on a first come first served basis.
These days its pretty busy, but despite that there’s usually bread to be had until well after 5pm.
There is a real variety of breads white breads, Rye breads in different percentages in either rolls or loaves.  Plus delicious fruit breads also in rolls or loaves.
Actually I believe he is very hard working and not “lazy” at all, but its a great name and a great place.

I found a website for his shop Namakemono no pan-ya

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