Terayamkannonji Temple, Yaita, Tochigi

TerayamaKannon-ji is a Buddhist temple northwest of Yaita, Tochigi prefecture heading up the mountains.
It was originally founded around 720 but has been rebuilt a number of times (as often happens in Japan).

While I was there the entrance gate building was under wraps while it was being rebuilt/repaired.

There is a 350 year old 28m high Ginko tree that is a local prefecture natural monument –  seems to be coming out of the gate building, but Ill have to go back after they’ve finished and see.

Aside from the Ginko tree, there is a significant number of designated “cultural properties” at this temple – mostly Buddhist statues in wood and stone including a 93 cm wooden multi-armed seated Buddha that gets a lot of mention, but I didn’t see.

It’s a pretty little temple, on the side of a mountain, in the woods not far from Terayama Dam.  Definitely need a car – and a small one is a good idea, they are pretty skinny little roads heading up to the temple.

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