Heisei no Mori

Heisei-no-mori Forest is located in Nasu-yumoto area, surrounded by the beautiful Nasu highlands.

The forest once belonged to the Nasu Imperial Villa, in 2008 a part of the forest attached to the Imperial villa was opened to the general public as a way for people to get in touch with nature in a large area (approximately 560 hectares -1,380 acres)

The forest has a wide variety of flora and fauna including several rare species.

There are walking trails through the woods and the visitors centre at the entrance has a really nice exhibit of the nature found in the forest.

Every season is different and you can go back repeatedly and see something new.

You can register for programs, guides that can help you get the most out of the forest, but even without it’s a delightful walk, that’s clearly marked.

There are a few black bear notices around.  I stuck to the main paths and didn’t see any.  But I did notice that most other hikers had warning bells on their clothing or backpacks.

If you walk to the top you come out near Kita onsen and the beautiful Komadome waterfall.


These falls can be viewed from an observatory platform across from the falls, it’s especially beautiful in autumn.

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