Kyubi Festival Nasu Town

The Kyubi Festival is held in Nasu Town in September each year. Kyubi is the nine tailed fox mascot that represents Nasu.

The legend of the nine tailed fox who disguised himself as a beautiful woman to commit evil deeds against the Emperor is a key part of local folk lore of the region and Kyubi   could be seen socializing around the festival as well as on stage with his fellow Mascots from around the region.

Yoichi kun  is our local mascot and most of these below are from this region, every festival or local event you go to will have the local mascots attending.  I’ve even arrived at the work some days and Yoichi Kun is waiting at the fate to say good morning!

There were lots of events on stage including Taiko (drums) during the festival.

There are so many different food stalls, its difficult to know what to eat, but one of my favorites was watching them make Mochi, the soaked and cooked rice is pounded with wooden mallets by two people working in harmony, one wetting and the other pounding to a continuous rhythm (and without hitting anyone with the mallet)until its a sweet sticky mass and then its made into small cakes and rolled in Kinako (soy bean flour)

Buying the still warm mochi covered in Kinako cannot be beaten for a sweet treat.



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