Apple picking In Yaita

Apple picking and apple products are a big event in the Tochigi in autumn.  There are many small orchards where you can go and pick your own apples.  I counted around 20 orchards in the Yaita region alone.

The season begins around mid-September with a couple of varieties, but by mid-October there are a huge variety available.

In many places you can taste before you pick, in fact you can taste and buy, you don’t need to pick at all if you don’t want to.

It seems that all apples are descendants of “Fuji” in this region (maybe Japan); although there is a huge variety, so I’m not 100% sure.

The apples are a wide variety of color(red, pink, yellow, green) and sizes (some are huge) and names like ; Akuitsu; Star king; Jonah Gold; Ruby; Shinano Gold; Shinanosuito; Sunlight; Wang Lin and of course Fuji to name a few..There are both eating and cooking apples available. The prices varied a bit, but it seemed around 500yen per kg, which is good for apples here as in general they are prohibitively expensive in the stores. There is also a wide range of apple products; Juices; Apple butter; preserved apples; apple honey; apple cake; Apple Kuchen; dried apples

Apple picking links
Yaita orchards

Orchards and apple varieties



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