Senkakuji is a small Sōtō Zen Buddhist temple in Minato-ku district in Tokyo not far from Shinagawa station.  It is famous for the graves of the 47 Ronin one of Japan’s most well-known stories and the most famous story of the Samurai code of “Bushido” – courage, loyalty and honor. The story of the 47… Read More Senkakuji


The Yoshiwara was a famous pleasure district,(red-light district) in old Edo, present-day Tōkyō, Japan.  In the early 17th century the Tokugawa shogunate restricted prostitution to designated districts to try to restrict prostitution. The Yoshiwara was created near what is today known as Nihonbashi.   In 1656 the government decided to relocate Yoshiwara to its present… Read More Yoshiwara


Kawagoe (川越市) is a city located in Saitama Prefecture, Japan.   It is known also as little Edo because it still has some streets and houses preserved from that period.     Kurazukuri Street –  Kurazukuri no machinami is a section of a street lined with traditional warehouses constructed in a style called kurazukuri and maintains… Read More Kawagoe

Daio-ji Temple

This temple is a Soto Zen temple that is more than 600 years old, it was established in 1404. The 7 thatched buildings are designated of cultural property by Tochigi Prefecture.  Some parts from 1448 still exist despite numerous destructions and reconstructionsThe temple is in Kurobane on the east side of the Naka River, it flows from  the volcanic Mt.… Read More Daio-ji Temple