Iriomote Jima

Iriomote Jima is  one of the islands of Okinawa.  Its a jungle island surrounded by mangrove.  Very tropical and largely undeveloped for international tourists, it still has lots to offer. The island is known for its snorkeling, diving, kayaking as well as hiking and walking.  there are many jungle trails and river cruises available. Getting… Read More Iriomote Jima

To No Hetsuri

  To No Hetsuri literally means cliffs shaped like towers. The popular sightseeing spot near Shimogo in Fukushima prefecture is a naturally created valley, where the erosion from wind, rain and water have shaped the rocks along the Ōkawa river. The rocks or “towers” have been assigned names like Eagle Tower, Hawk Tower, Lion Tower, House Tower,… Read More To No Hetsuri


City is situated in the North West coast of Japan, the capital city of Akita Prefecture. The coastal scenery on one side and the mountains on the other make it a very beautiful regions, with many hot springs in the region. The city of Akita is well known for its festivals especially the Kanto Matsuri,… Read More Akita