To No Hetsuri

  To No Hetsuri literally means cliffs shaped like towers. The popular sightseeing spot near Shimogo in Fukushima prefecture is a naturally created valley, where the erosion from wind, rain and water have shaped the rocks along the Ōkawa river. The rocks or “towers” have been assigned names like Eagle Tower, Hawk Tower, Lion Tower, House Tower,… Read More To No Hetsuri

Kokeshi Dolls

I recently saw a program (in Japanese unfortunately) about Japanese Kokeshi Dolls and despite not being a Doll person, I became fascinated with this traditional Doll. In Kinugawa yesterday at a small local shop with a beautiful collection of Kokeshi Dolls and ended up buying one.. Kokeshi  are handmade wooden dolls, traditionally from Northern Japan.  They are… Read More Kokeshi Dolls