One thing I really miss is good bread, I’m not a huge fan of the light, sweet bread common in Japan.  So I was excited when I heard about a bakery called Namakemono (which means “Lazy Baker”) about 4 km from here that makes beautiful bread, European style… 

Apparently it opens Wednesday to Sunday at 4.15pm and closes about an hour later.. (Only I didn’t know that) 

I cycled there, arriving at 5pm… Its a small house, doesn’t look like a shop or a bakery at all…but ALL his bread had gone…

Then seeing my disappointment, maybe recognising me as a new face and my bicycle outside(i was exhausted, this area is home to the only hill in the area!!)…

He asked me to wait and I could hear the sound of bread being cut and then he came out with a few slices of the most beautiful bread and 1 slice of fruit bread in a little bag. It was the best bread I have had in a while…

We had a chat – hysterical because it was in Japanese (which of course I am still dreadful at!)

Of course I am headed back, but he is not open until Wednesday…   So I have to wait the bread is amazing

Update: I went back later and got some bread, been back many times now

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