Nasu Red Cross Hospital

I have to go to the Hospital every month and have a blood test and see a Hematologist.  When I first arrived and went to the local Otawara Red Cross Hospital it was an old, dingy building in a pretty bad way, with no cafe and although the people were wonderful, I wasn’t too happy about going there really.  

Anyway July this year the New Nasu Red Cross Hospital has opened on the edge of town

Wow !  What a difference, lovely clinics, automated entry and payment machines and even the signs are in English – although I seem to be the only English speaking person there !!  So I can be essentially independent with my visits despite my bad Japanese
There is a great little cafe, that makes a half decent latte and there are TV’s everywhere with the next patient number for each clinic, so I can drink my coffee peacefully up in the cafe until its time 🙂

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